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Here's a little ditty from the Mystic Mind Revival, by yours truly. Enjoy!

http://mysticmind.podomatic.com (The Mystic Mind Podcast)

http://www.critterjones.com (Jesse's family band, Critter Jones)

Peace & Blessings!


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller

Harmonica: Corey Miller
Banjo: Mike Miller
Stand-Up Bass: Mickey Madden
Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Jesse Miller

Copywrong: 2010


Music by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

Instrumental intro/outro theme music from The Mystic Mind Podcast.


mysticmind.podomatic.com (The Mystic Mind Podcast)
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Photograph, 'Jesse Tree' taken at All Saints Church, Hove, Sussex, England by Annette Millar.


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

'Wave Goodbye'

We'll have forgotten by tomorrow all the trips delayed with sorrow
Holding on, tomorrow gone
Peace of mind pent up inside, walk the sky I'm high and dry
Fading star, in my heart

Tired, I'm frail inside
Wave goodbye

Time away to understand better thoughts inside my head
Moving on, but not so strong
Insufficient being, I walk the line inside my mind
Holding on for so long

Oh won't you let me be?
I want to try and see all I can, understand
That I'm not the man I planned to be

One day we'll make it, then we will be happy
But in the meantime...


Painting, 'Mount Fuji Seen Below A Wave at Kanagawa' by Katsushika Hokusai www.katsushikahokusai.org


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

'New Day'

Get off the floor it's a new day to get ahead
In times past you may have said that you'd be better dead
How many times can you pick yourself up when you've fallen down?
No guarantee that there will be tomorrow, anyhow

Now that we're on the same page I've got a few things to say,
then must be on my way
I'm sorry when I'm manic and panic and say the whole world sucks and will explode someday

How many times will you forgive me, when I break you down?
No guarantee that you'll concede or even stick around

Why bother?
Because it's a new day, a second chance
To change the fate of the rest of your life
Why bother?
Because it's a new day, another chance
Before too long all your chances will be gone

Just say maybe, for one more day
Hold on a little longer

Remove the veil, stop lying to yourself, forgive yourself
You're only human, that's beautiful, you're flawed and beautiful like no body else

How many times will you deny the calling of your life?
A tragedy to see you grieve while causing your own strife


Painting, 'New Day Dawning' by Ginny Blakeslee Breen


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

'Oh Goddess'

Twenty-seven years old, distilling lead into gold
The world's gonna end or so I'm told
Trying to right all my wrongs, all I've got is this song
Keeping me grounded where I belong

When I look at my life I see worry and strife
Perfectionistic, ask my wife
Heart's heavy with pain, the whole world to gain
If I could let it go, would you do the same?

Oh Goddess, Oh Goddess
Please take me home to you
There's nothing that's not us
I promise to be good

People locked up inside, what have we got to hide?
Superficial differences divide
Melt into the field, unified and real
Consciously turning like a wheel

Where do I end and begin, if the elements in the world that make us are the same?
Transpersonal flight into the Light,
No opposites, no wrong or right

Hear the cosmic laughter falling in the rain
If you think that life is disaster,
Remember you're the master within the Yin & Yang


Painting, 'Ascension - Goddess of Transforming Fire' by Katherine Skaggs www.soulpaintings.com


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

'Into the Sun'

Lately the things that I try to say
Come out horribly wrong and leave me in this place
Maybe the feelings that are stuck inside my head
Are far too frightening to face

Baby, I'd love to think you're the one for me
And I'm the one for you, but sometimes my mind disagrees
Guilty, the shame and judgment my conscience breathes
Social-conditioning to keep me in defeat

Fly into the sun
Solar-rays the end of days...
Fly into the sun
The dawning of the Golden Age

Dharma, the spinning wheel of cosmic roulette
Has dealt my hand, there's no more time for vein regrets
Karma, where I come from and where I'll go
Many choices good and bad of long ago

Charmer, snake with feathers so divine
A spark of wisdom planted right between the eyes
Armor, the battle scars of many lives
Are laid to rest to focus on the Light

Breathe out, breathe in
Oh Elohim
Five days no Sun
They'll come undone - But I'll be there with You


Painting, 'Gold Sun' by Jaison Cianelli www.cianellistudios.com


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

'Out of the Sky'

Out of the sky in a single night you came to me
And with you eyes, in a single glance you understood
Full of surprise, synchronicity doesn't lie

I see myself as happy with you
Try my best to treat you well
Though we've just begun the words are being sung

I never knew someone quite like you
Sharing a dream, life's not what it seems

I see myself as happy with you
Try my best to let you choose
What's good for you, I know you're good for me


Painting, 'Lucy in the Sky' by Amanda Matthews Fields


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

'For Andy'

Thinking 'bout Andy, just the other day
How the time passes and vanishes into the haze
Thinking 'bout Andy, what is there to say?
I'm sad that you left us and wishing that you could have stayed

Thinking 'bout you today

Ms. Durden was wrong to be so hard on you
The kids in the school yard, I guess that included me, Drew
Hey look there's Andy rolling down the hill
Jamers and Crystal, and sometimes Johanna there too

Remember the time on my ramp with your knee?
Jumped out of the way, and stood there as I watched you bleed
Or how 'bout the time when my mom banged her head
You asked if she was alright, she told you to go home instead

I'm sorry, my friend

When I get there to Heaven, my friend
Will you vouch for me, share your couch with me?
We'll watch us a movie or two
And head down to Chris & Tom's liquor store just like we used to

Oh Andy, I miss you

Demerol days when I pushed you away,
Kicked you out of the band, and couldn't quite see where you landed
I went off to art school, you stuck with the bass
And held down the rhythm in jazz band, as you took my place

Came into your own, in spite of your blues
You joined a fraternity seeking acceptance through proof
They found you off Angeles Crest in your car
A hose through the window, exhausting your suffering heart

Soon to depart

This lonesome night I'll be singing this song to you, hoping you push on through
You gave up the fight
I don't blame you for checking out, I've had the same thought, no doubt

And yet here I Am
Well I'll see you on the other side then
God's love for you will never end and neither will mine

I'm all grown up with kids now, maybe you're one of them
If reincarnation is real, and I think that it is, my friend
Emet is four now, and Jade almost two
Every time Emet laughs really hard, man he looks just like you
Lynzie never met you, a shame we didn't speak leading up to your exit
Her Great-grandma joined you the following week
I know she's looking out for you up the sky
With good old home cooking and generous helpings of apple pie

Thinking 'bout you tonight

When I get there to Heaven, my friend
Will you please save me a seat?
Forgive me for all of the times I was cruel and I was mean

If it takes me a hundred more years will you still remember me?
Lord knows I could never forget Andy

*In loving memory of Andrew Mark Dolan


Painting, 'Couch' by Fred Bell www.fredbellpaintings.blogspot.com


Music & Lyrics by Jesse Miller - Copyright 2009

'Got to Run'

I saw you down by the curbside
Keeping me with watchful eyes
Two stogies with iced-espresso
Up the straw I'd watch it rise

Got get 'em, fresh meet for cooking
Seal the deal and you're the man
Test drive 'em, present the numbers
Then take everything you can

And here's to all the souls in need
God rest you safe in bed and keep good company
I aim to leave, you aim to please
Don't knock me down, my knees are feeling weak

"Hey Cobra," he liked to call me
"I only want the best, it's true.
How could you think of leaving,
With all this job can offer you?"

"Keep dreaming," I'd hear them saying
As they'd stuff their pockets full
Can't do this, seventy hours a weak is just too cruel

I hope you know you're really like a brother
In spite of all that's said and done
But let's not pretend for one more day that it's my calling

I've got to run


Painting, 'Running Man' (1932-34) by Kasimir Malevich


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